Trip to Minneapolis. Minneapolis? Yep, Minneapolis!

On Saturday we’re flying to Minneapolis. “Why?” You ask.

Because it’s my birthday and I always go somewhere new for my birthday, that’s why.

“Ok, but why Minneapolis?” You wonder, quite reasonably.

To which I reply, dunno man, does everything have to have a reason?

I know very little about Minneapolis and the state in which it is contained. So little in fact, that I’m going to list everything right here:

  • Minneapolis is in Minnesota, but it is not the capital of that state. That honor falls to Saint Paul, which, together with Minneapolis, makes up the Twin Cities.
  • Fargo.
  • Cheese? Minnesota is all about cheese?
  • Damn, that’s Wisconsin.
  • Wait, isn’t Fargo in North Dakota?
  • Funny accents. Minna-sooooda.
  • Fargo is definitely set in Minnesota, I’m sure of it.
  • Mall of America. Wooooooohooooo, SHOPPING.
  • Minnesota’s official motto is L’Étoile du Nord (Star of the North).
  • Just kidding, I googled that last one. And while googling, Fargo the city is in North Dakota, right on the border, but the film and TV show are mostly set in Minnesota.

And that’s it. I told you I didn’t know much about the place, either the city or the state. But I’ll be sure to fill you in when we get back.

State of Minnesota Map
This is Minnesota, for those who don’t know.


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