5 Great Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Flight

Here are 5 great ways to pass the time on a long flight that you won’t find on other websites. Mainly because these are all actually really bad ideas and neither I nor your airline nor your mother recommend you actually do.

You’re going to be up there a while so these suggestions will help.

1. Make your own movie. You’ve either seen the few good movies on offer on that tiny screen or there are very good reasons why you haven’t seen them. Instead, entertain both yourself and others by make-pretending a hijacking. You’re guaranteed to make the flight a memorable one for all involved.

2. Have a really good poo. Make sure to prepare for this by eating lots of hearty meals at the airport and in the day building up to the big event. Then, just after take-off, seat yourself on your throne and have at it. You’ll feel so much better afterwards and the rest of the flight will feel fantastic. Just make sure you use a bathroom far away from your seat.

3. Really get to know your seat neighbors. Nothing passes the time quicker than a great conversation, so introduce yourself to your neighbor early, then relentlessly quiz them on their life for the length of the flight. By the end you’ll intimately know one another and maybe you’ll have a friend for life. What have you got to lose? Pro tip: choose a middle seat so you have TWO people to talk to!

This guy gets it. He’s even hitting up his behind-neighbor.

4. Coloring books. You heard me.

5. Learn something new. You’ve heard of people listening to educational podcasts. Maybe you’ve sat next to someone honing their Photoshop skills on a laptop. But what about whittling? Painting miniature figurines? Practicing magic tricks on fellow passengers? All of the above are excellent ideas for flights.

There you have it everyone. 5 sure-fire ways to pass the time on your next long-haul flight. Please comment if you’ve tried any of the above or if you have any of your own suggestions.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not so sure on this one

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Number 2 is great. Number 1 not so sure about!


  3. I like to loudly discuss my most recent colonoscopy or bout of gastrointestinal distress with anyone who is foolish enough to make eye contact.


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