Trip to Alaska & the Arctic Circle!

Alaska Railroad, Seward, Alaska.

Soon I’ll be in the Arctic Circle in the far north of Alaska. I’m so excited!

After much procrastination and indecisiveness, we’ve booked roundtrip flights to Alaska, a train tour from Anchorage to Fairbanks, and an additional 17-hour day trip from Fairbanks north to the Arctic Circle. That final day trip is described thusly:

Travel in The Far North is an adventure. Much of the region is accessible only by air, while the only land route is the Dalton Highway. The Dalton Highway leads north from Fairbanks, crossing the Yukon River and the Arctic Circle, traversing the Brooks Mountain Range, and passing over the Arctic Coastal Plain before terminating on the shores of the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay.

“The Far North”

“crossing the Yukon River”

“traversing the Brooks Mountain Range”

“passing over the Arctic Coastal Plain”

“shores of the Arctic Ocean”


For those interested, we booked the train tour through Princess Lodges and this Arctic Circle Drive Adventure.

Check back in later for tales of fighting polar bears in hand to hand combat. Or more likely just beautiful pictures of Alaska, tbh, but still.

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  1. Julie Cao says:

    Alaska is my favorite place in the USA and the scenery from Anchorage to Fairbanks is really breathtaking in summer, you will love it. Always wanted to travel to Arctic Circle through Dalton Highway, but could not make it. Have a great journey and fight with Polar Bears.


  2. Sartenada says:

    Arctic Circle in Finland is gorgeous even in winter:

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    It is incredible place.

    Happy and safe travels.


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