The 15 stages of playing Las Vegas blackjack

Here are the 15 stages I went through when playing blackjack in Las Vegas.

  1. How do I play again?
  2. Okay, that round didn’t count. I think I get the hang of it now.
  3. Did I win? I think I won, didn’t I?
  4. I’m still winning? This is so easy. Why aren’t you guys winning too? Why are you getting angry? You should’ve just stayed at 15 and you would’ve won that hand, obviously.
  5. Vegas is awesome. I’ve only been here a few hours and I’m already up $70. I’ll be rich by the time I leave!
  6. Do I want a drink? How much is it? Well that’s very nice of you. I’ll take a vodka and coke. Thank you.
  7. Damn it, she’s so lucky. She got blackjack twice in a row? What are the odds of that even happening?
  8. I have 12 again, fuck. Last three times this happened I got a picture card. Surely I won’t this time. Hit me! Fuck.
  9. I have two 10s, okay, split. YES! A 20 and a 19 and she’s starting with a 15. YES! Bust. Come to me money, come to me.
  10. This game is stupid. I haven’t won for like an hour.
  11. Okay, I won some and I lost some and I’m back to where I started. But I’m getting free drinks so I might as well play more. Why yes, another vodka and coke would be great.
  12. I’m down $100 but I’ve had such crappy cards recently that surely the next hand will be amazing.
  13. How are you guys doing? Not great either? Damn. Should we leave? Okay, last game.
  14. You won? Nice! Shall we go? One more? Okay, okay. I’ll play. Last one this time for sure though.
  15. Lost again. How did she get 21 from there? What the hell? Blackjack is a dumb game that requires too much luck. Let’s go play roulette and win some money back.
Blackjack machine in Las Vegas
We played on a machine like this. We didn’t play at a table because those were $25 per game and we didn’t want to pay that much!

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  1. casinoyoda says:

    Reblogged this on CasinoYoda and commented:
    Reminds me of the questions I asked myself when first tried 21, especially number 14. Has anyone of you ever asked these questions?


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