East. I’m Heading East!

You might’ve noticed the tumbleweeds tumbling past this place with alarming regularity recently, but I have a new trip booked. Asia here I come!

cartoon plane

Tomorrow I’m heading to Vietnam for a week or so, then crossing over into Cambodia for as many days as I’ve been able to eke out of my schedule. It’ll be rushed and hectic, but as long as I don’t get sick, affected by long travel delays, or kidnapped by a Vietnamese pimp after looking at his lady the wrong way, it’ll work out fine. And I have an actual itinerary which doesn’t include any visits to lunchtime sex motels, so I should be safe.

I have a bunch of things I want to see and do and try, but I won’t list them here because they’ll probably change. Travel plans, particularly in poorer countries, and even more particularly during rainy season, have a nasty habit of not going exactly how you expect. The day I spent at a petrol station in the Amazon Rainforest is testament to that.

I think I’m getting older though. The first time I backpacked solo, I had no guidebook, no map, no money, nothing in the way of language skills, and no idea what the hell I was doing. As a result, I missed out on so much. But now I’ve gone too far. I’ve crossed a line. I’ve become a boring, risk-free, normal adult by taking up the offer of the first hostel to pick me up at the airport. They said they’ll have a sign with my name on it at Arrivals. How lame is that? I might as well start wearing a watch and collecting store cards.

Old Man on Scooter
I’m turning into this guy, who has more Nectar points than minutes left to live.

Obviously I’m exaggerating – it’ll be a long time before I’m so old I can’t even reach the top shelf in my kitchen. But the point stands. I’m getting older. No shit, I know. So before the arthritis starts creaking in, I better run. Don’t miss me too much, England.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’ve never been able to reach the top shelf in my kitchen. Guess I was born old. On the other hand, I bump into low-hanging branches less often and can fit any aircraft carrier sit. Vetically challenged? No, just convenient sized!


    1. ambigram0 says:

      Haha, fair point. I’m not height-ist, promise!


  2. Looking forward to see you here in Asia, if ever our paths crossed! LOL When you’re in Asia, try going to the South of the East. 🙂


  3. Omg, I just booked a trip after having too long of a hiaturs too!! Having plans makes life so much better 🙂


    1. ambigram0 says:

      Tell me about it! I’ll have to plan the next one as soon as I get back. Where you heading?


      1. Israel, in January. Been a year since I last went anywhere – so SUPER stoked!

        Can’t wait to hear about your Asian adventures though! You may be getting old fogey-ish (ha! ^.^), but I’m sure trouble will still find you!


  4. skytash says:

    glad to have you back travelling and writing about it 🙂


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