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  1. Basem Salah says:

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    An account of a traveler to Egypt.


  2. Ruth2Day says:

    I gotta be honest, I’ve not been on a cruise and is something I’m not keen to do at all. Only last week a couple of my colleagues were on short cruise from Cape Town to Saldanah, anyway when they were almost home, the wind came up and they had to stay on board for another 24 hours before they liner was allowed into port. I think there is a good chance I would have flung myself over and swam like hell for shore! Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 08:45:50 +0000 To: ruth2day@hotmail.com


  3. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    gotta be honest, I don’t like the big ships, big cruise liners, but I have done the Nile cruise, in our group there was a mix of young and young-at-heart and we had a great time. One of the best holidays every, just cruising down the Nile and looking a the banks with people irrigating their land with rudimental contraptions pulled by donkeys, it all looked like it must have been 1000 years ago… amazing places to visit. Loved every bit of it.


    1. ambigram0 says:

      I think we got a bit unlucky. I was the only person there under 30 which, to teenage me, meant everyone was incredibly old. Definitely something I’d love to go back and appreciate more!


      1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

        yes I can imagine how boring it must have been for you…..


  4. I have been on four ocean cruises and I do fit the ‘old person’ demographic, but I have to agree with you that cruises are boring. Even my wife has slowly come around to accept the idea that being stuck aboard a ship with hordes of people, many of whom are drunk and often do not practice good personal hygiene, is not a good use of resources.
    Thank you for sharing your amusing story and ‘terrible photos’.


  5. I’m not sure about cruises, this post helps! We did the Abu SImbel trip from Aswan the morning after Egypt won the footy African Nations Cup. This is the only time I’ve ever {tried} to sleep in earplugs, knowing full well be had to be up for 3am. Drums, horns and cheering through the night! Our bus joined a massive long armed convoy. It was so worth it though, an awesome day. I like your terrible pics!


  6. My mom loves cruises – and you’re so right, before the last one I went on, there was never anyone my age to hang out with! (I was lucky on the last one, since we went to the Mediterranean – a bit more of a ‘younger crowd’ there were a ton of people my age to hang out with).


  7. Thanks, I enjoyed it,


  8. kori656 says:

    they hold lot of mysteries and history in the world.its my dream destination



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