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I’m posting this from Oslo, Norway. I’m here enjoying my first Scandinavian city in great company and with traditional food. Or at least that’s what I’m imagining, because as I write this it’s five days before my trip. I’m using the Schedule function for the first time. For all I know, as you read this my host might be busy cooking my still-warm corpse to serve to his friends as a Halloween treat.

I’m not hardcore enough to take my laptop with me these few days to write a “live” post, plus I refuse to pay Ryanair for a baggage allowance, but I didn’t want you to go without a post. So I’ve scoured the Web for a few great posts you can enjoy in my absence. I enjoyed them so I think you will too.

Chirpy Comedy Travel Writing Author
Chirpy, he being me, not in Oslo or in Norway, but on a beach somewhere. It’s the thought that counts.

1. Travel Angst. It’s a rant about Lonely Planet travellers and it’s full of rage and bitterness. I thought it was funny. You go make your own mind up and don’t forget to come back here afterwards. Chirpy loves you.

2. An Open Letter to People Who Write Online Reviews. Online reviews, we all look at them, by accident or design. But are they actually useful?

Please do remember to come back here after checking those posts out. Chirpy loves you and he wants you back.

For those of you who hate these “reblogging” type posts, and think them link-baiting nuisances, please forgive dear old Chirpy here. I have a good excuse — I’m out getting new material (if I survive the cannibalist intentions of my Norwegian host, you’ll get a great post on my return).

Also, do you know how difficult it is to find great travel writing to suit the light-hearted soul?! Took me altogether too long to find these two gems. For that reason, I’m asking for your suggestions — know any great funny posts/blogs concerning travel? Yes, I’m basically giving you permission to shamelessly plug your own blog if you want. I’ll set up a page dedicated to other funny travel sites/blogs for my favourites.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. skytash says:

    I’m still in the packing stage of my next adventure, you can read the old ones (and follow the upcoming one) here http://traveltalesbytash.wordpress.com/. Thanks for letting me plug!


  2. Jay-ar says:

    nice pic…..hope to have this kind of pic soon


  3. Hope nobody eats you and foremost that you don’t get eaten by fleas on the plane, Ryanair is going from bad to worse.


    1. ambigram0 says:

      Nothing terrible happened (a few little delays), but I feel sorry for the people that get picked on arbitrarily for having hand luggage smaller than a lot of other people’s but being made to check it in anyway.


  4. I’m hope after my adventures, but I’ve got mine at http://jillianlevi.wordpress.com 🙂 (one of my favorite: http://jillianlevi.wordpress.com/2011/11/01/why-you-should-never-get-between-a-greek-man-and-his-punch-out-time/) Definitely thanks for the plug! (And love the links! Especially the angsty one!)

    Hope you enjoy Norway! I loved it, didn’t have enough time so definitely want to go back! And although Ryanair is a nuisance – it is nice to get such cheap tickets!


  5. Gotta love the WordPress Schedule function, I’ve started using it for my own blog a week ago, scheduling 15 posts ahead. Awesome stuff!


    1. ambigram0 says:

      I wish I had 15 posts to schedule ahead of time!


  6. lyndseywetton says:

    My problem with the schedule function is that I don’t know which of about three time zones to set it to :/ Thanks for the funnies and thanks for the plug! is here.


  7. Legal Alien says:

    Thanks for the plug! Here’s my guide to Jamaica based on my year living there.



  8. airhead says:

    Me me!! Travel writing and more (bonus!)! Also, have you encountered the online reviews for Veet for Men on Amazon? Well worth a butchers……; )


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