Walking Blindfolded to Times Square in New York City

My host in New York City led me blindfolded to Times Square after the sun had gone down. I hadn’t been so excited about being blindfolded since my introduction to the BDSM community, and just like then, I was again terrified. I’d only met Mike that morning so for all I knew he was leading me the opposite direction to some underground prison where he’d do weird things to me involving coleslaw and shoelaces.

But thankfully, and perhaps not surprisingly, that didn’t happen. After numerous bangs of my elbow into walls, posts and annoyed locals, Mike said, “We’re here.”

It felt like it. The noise of traffic and people had risen and even behind the blindfold I could sense the brightness of the lights of Times Square. Mike untied the scarf. This is what I saw:

New York Times Square After Dark

Times Square after dark, with all those adverts and lights, is an explosion of capitalism. I know a lot of people hate it, especially people with dreadlocks and fascists, but I thought it was beautiful. Sure, it ain’t snow-capped mountains and white sandy beaches, but beauty comes in many forms. Just ask Jocelyn Wildenstein, who’s still looking for it three dozen plastic surgeries later.

It’s difficult to exactly enjoy Times Square with all of those crowds. The stores are huge but they’re rammed so full of tourists that you’d need a taser to force your way through. Just walking a few blocks is a challenge and it’s  a prime spot for savvy pickpockets because everyone is shoulder to shoulder and walking slowly. It’s a place not suitable for either claustrophobics or agoraphobics.

But it’s one of those places that it’s nice to say you’ve been, like the Great Wall of China, The Pyramids of Egypt or the inside of a celebrity.

Now here’s a few other photos of New York (I’m way too good to you guys):

New York Street at Day

Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry

New York City Ferry View

If you’re a fan of the modern world, with all its skyscrapers, smart phones and silent resentment on every street, New York is the city for you. It’s shiny, it’s electric, it’s intimidating; it’s everything a great city should be. If you want peace and quiet and squirrels, go the fuck to Idaho.

Anyone got any New York stories to share?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. notnyet says:

    Love the reflections here. Oh, and on the cab, too.


  2. Margarita says:

    And, yet, there can be such peace in NYC – if you remember to look for it! lol 😉


  3. Jillian says:

    Still a place I’ve never been to (I can hardly believe it myself!). The year I wasn’t supposed to go (8th grade East Coast Trip) – was the year of 9/11, so that destination got scrapped. Your pictures definitely make me want to jump on a plane right now! (With sunglasses though, so that the Times-Square-brightness-of-the-sun won’t blind me! ^.^)


  4. This is what I wish someone would do to me-without the bdsm; uh- drag me someplace like Times Square or the middle of London or Hong Kong and turn me loose with a camera.; assail my senses. I envy you this experience 🙂


  5. Thanks for the like on my blog. I am now following yours! I would appreciate if you would follow mine as well and I always appreciate any comments or likes given. Thanks again! Blake

    PS. Love NYC! Just got back from a trip there a couple weeks ago.


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